Akadeum: What is a T Cell Activation & Expansion Kit?

Akadeum's innovative technology, the human T cell activation and expansion kit utilizing microbubble-based isolation, is discussed in the context of its potential benefits for cell therapy, including CAR T cell therapies used in treating various types of cancer.


In a discussion with Allen Wilbanks from Oncology Tube, Brandon McNaughton, CEO & Founder of Akadeum Life Sciences, shed light on the innovative Akadeum's human T cell activation and expansion kit and its impact on cell therapy. McNaughton explained the advantages of their microbubble-based technology compared to traditional methods, highlighting its gentleness, scalability, and compatibility with various cell culture systems.

He stated, "What's different about what we do, which is using tiny floating particles, we call them micro bubbles to essentially reach into a sample, essentially a blood bag that was derived from a phoresis or Luca pack. We use microbubbles to essentially grab onto, say, a T cell, which is something you use in CAR T therapy, and essentially float it to the top of a sample while everything else sinks. What that does, as you can imagine, it's the most gentle way, in our opinion, to recover a cell from a sample."

When asked about the economic and clinical benefits of incorporating Akadeum's technology into CAR T cell therapies, McNaughton discussed the potential to reduce costs through simplified processes and increased cell yield. He emphasized the importance of cost reduction in making cell therapies more accessible to patients.

Regarding the challenges of implementing Akadeum's technology, McNaughton acknowledged the need for increased awareness and the importance of demonstrating their product's effectiveness in the cell and gene therapy industry. He also emphasized the significance of providing support and guidance to researchers integrating their technology into their workflows.

In conclusion, Akadeum Life Sciences aims to make a meaningful impact on the field of cell therapy through their innovative microbubble-based technology, addressing challenges in cost, yield, and overall process efficiency.