What is the significance OneOncology's pathways?

Lisa Sowinski-Raff PharmD, at the helm of OneOncology, is driving groundbreaking progress in cancer care with the development of 25 innovative oncology pathways. These meticulously crafted pathways are a testament to OneOncology's commitment to advancing precision oncology.


OneOncology, a rapidly expanding national platform for independent medical practices, proudly announces the completion of 25 distinctive oncology and hematology pathways. These pathways are now integrated into the platform's clinical decision support tool, a testament to OneOncology's dedication to precision and excellence. Lisa Sowinski-Raff PharmD, serving as Vice President of Pharmacy Services, plays a pivotal role in this achievement.

OneOncology adopts a physician-driven approach to pathway development, led by Medical Director Edward Arrowsmith, MD. Experts in gastrointestinal, genitourinary, breast, lung, and hematology, along with disease subject matter experts in gynecology and head and neck specialties, meticulously craft and continuously update these pathways. These pathways align seamlessly with nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines, subject to regular review and refinement as new data emerges from recognized meetings and peer-reviewed journals.

The pathways are thoughtfully structured, categorizing treatment options by stage, including neoadjuvant, adjuvant, recurrent, locally advanced, and metastatic settings, with clear listings of potential treatment choices.

Davey Daniel, MD, Chief Medical Officer at OneOncology, emphasizes the program's significance within the diverse realm of cancer patients. The pathways address the multitude of clinical scenarios within each cancer type, highlighting clinical trial availability. The overarching goal is to simplify the ordering process for physicians and ensure prompt dissemination of the latest medical evidence.

Pathway development commences with rigorous review by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee, operating within OneCouncil—an all-physician governing body led by partner physicians within OneOncology. Approved drug monographs are then seamlessly integrated into relevant pathways, subject to further evaluation by the OneCouncil Disease Group, assessing the new agent's efficacy and adverse event profile compared to existing treatment options.

For Lisa Raff, Vice President of Pharmacy Services at OneOncology, efficacy and safety are paramount in the Pathways Program. Cost considerations come into play post-pathway approval. The overarching mission is to promote suitable first-line treatments rooted in genomic testing and biomarkers, alongside participation in value-based care programs. These pathways aim to minimize adverse events through standardized regimens and appropriate supportive care protocols.

In essence, OneOncology's commitment to precision and patient-centric care is embodied in these 25 unique oncology and hematology pathways. Under the leadership of Lisa Sowinski-Raff PharmD and the OneOncology team, these pathways set a new standard in cancer treatment, promising more effective and patient-centric strategies.