Podcast Aaron Logan, MD @hemedoc @UCSF #ALL @OncoTwitter @hemedoc @UCSF #ALL #OncoTwitter The Treatment Landscape Of ALL

Podcast Aaron Logan, MD @hemedoc @UCSF #ALL @OncoTwitter ...

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Aaron Logan, MD, Ph.D., Hematologist, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at UC San Francisco. In this video, he speaks about The Treatment Landscape Of ALL.

A form of blood and bone marrow malignancy that affects white blood cells. The most frequent type of juvenile cancer is acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It happens when a bone marrow cell's DNA becomes faulty. Enlarged lymph nodes, bruising, fever, bone discomfort, gum bleeding, and repeated infections are all possible symptoms. Chemotherapy or targeted medications that precisely kill cancer cells may be used as treatments.