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Wendy Levin, MD, MS #Biofidelity #BiomarkerTesting #TargetedTherapy #ASPYRE #SB535 #Cancer #Research New California Law Increases Access to Biomarker Testing for Late-Stage Cancer Patients
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Wendy Levin, MD, MS , Chief Medical Officer at Biofidelity speaks about the New California Law Increases Access to Biomarker Testing for Late-Stage Cancer Patients.

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Biofidelity, a leader in precision cancer diagnostics, applauded California Governor Gavin Newsom and the California legislature for passing SB 535 on October 6th, a bill that prevents health insurers that already cover biomarker testing from requiring prior authorization for patients with advanced-stage cancer.

These tailored medicines provide patients with an option to a severe chemotherapy regimen, frequently with better outcomes. Since targeted medicines were accessible in 2010, five-year survival rates for lung cancer have tripled. 1

Doctors must first look for certain alterations, or biomarkers, in the patient's cancer cells in order to choose the proper treatment or drugs for that patient. According to Dr. Levin, this is where the existing system frequently fails patients. The expensive expense of testing—typically $5,000 per tumor—as well as the difficulties in getting health plans and insurers to pay for it, are among the reasons.

Preventing the demand for prior authorization also avoids potentially dangerous treatment delays as doctors and patients wait for the approval.