Akynzeo: Convient & Flexible Dosing, Can Be Given Orally ...

Akynzeo: Convient & Flexible Dosing, Can Be Given Orally & Intravenously
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Lee Schwartzberg MD @oncstatdoc Of West Cancer Center Discusses Akynzeo: Convient & Flexible Dosing, Can Be Given Orally & Intravenously.

NEPA, a combination antiemetic agent [NK1 receptor antagonist (RA) netupitant (oral) or fosnetupitant (IV) + 5-HT3RA palonosetron] offers 5-day CINV prevention with a single-dose. Unlike other IV NK1RAs, the fosnetupitant solution does not require a surfactant, emulsifier, or solubility enhancer and contains no allergenic excipients. In a Phase 3 study in pts receiving cisplatin-based CT, there were no infusion site or anaphylactic reactions related to IV NEPA. In contrast, hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxis have been reported with IV aprepitant, fosaprepitant and rolapitant, with the highest rate (35%) for fosaprepitant in the AC setting. This study (NCT03403712) evaluates the safety of IV NEPA in BC pts receiving repeat cycles of AC CT.

This was a Phase 3b, double-blind study in females with BC naïve to highly/moderately emetogenic CT. Pts were randomized 1:1 to receive a single 30-min infusion of IV NEPA or a single oral NEPA capsule on Day 1, prior to AC. Oral dexamethasone was also given to all patients before CT. The primary objective was a safety evaluation of IV NEPA based primarily on treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs). No formal between groups statistical comparison was planned.

402 pts were treated with IV NEPA or oral NEPA and included in the safety population. The AE profiles were similar for the two groups; cycle 1 results are reported (Table). Comparable complete response (no emesis, no rescue) rates were seen during the cycle 1 overall phase (0-120h) (73.0% IV NEPA, 77.2% oral NEPA).

There were no infusion-site AEs related to IV NEPA and no anaphylaxis reported for either formulation. Consistent with the pivotal study, IV NEPA is safe and effective in pts receiving AC. As a simplified single-dose formulation, IV NEPA may be better tolerated than other NK1 RAs. Clinical trial information: NCT03403712