MATTERHORN Trial Highlights the Transformative Potential of Durvalumab + FLOT in Gastric and GEJ Cancer Treatment

Matterhorn study investigates flood & durvalumab in early-stage gastric cancer. Promising interim results show improved response rates, aiming to offer curative treatment earlier. Full survival data pending.


Author: Dr. Yelena Janjigian (on-camera comments) - Courtesy of

The Matterhorn study, a significant phase three global research effort, aims to determine the efficacy of a triplet regimen involving chemotherapy with flood alongside durvalumab in treating early-stage non-metastatic gastric and gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma. Presented at ESMO 2023, the study's first interim analysis involved nearly 1000 patients from various regions globally, utilizing a randomized approach of flood plus durvalumab or placebo. Results revealed a 12% enhancement in complete response rate and a 15% improvement in node negativity status, which is crucial for clinical outcomes. 

While the study successfully met its interim endpoint of assessing complete response, the ultimate goal of the research is to establish whether this improvement translates to event-free survival. The potential to offer curative treatment to locally advanced patients by administering immunotherapy earlier, aiming to increase the number of curable patients, is an exciting prospect. The final results regarding event-free survival will be presented at future medical conferences.