Lenvatinib Analysis on Advanced ccRCC Treatment at ESMO 2023

Corina Dutcus, MD from Eisai explores Lenvatinib's impact on clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) treatment at ESMO 2023. The analysis includes findings on ORR, DOR, and its influence on first-line therapy decisions for advanced ccRCC.


By. Corina Dutcus, MD
Date. October 30, 2023

In this video interview, Corina Dutcus, MD, will address pivotal aspects of phase 3 CLEAR study, focusing on the combination of lenvatinib and pembrolizumab in the treatment of advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). She will dive into the key findings and their implications for clinical practice.

Dr. Dutcus will highlight the study's pivotal results, emphasizing the better objective response rate (ORR) achieved with the lenvatinib and pembrolizumab combination compared to sunitinib. She will explain the significance of ORR in this context, elucidating its role as a metric in evaluating treatment efficacy.

Furthermore, the discussion will encompass the impact of factors such as metastatic sites and target lesion diameter on ORR variations and how these factors influence treatment outcomes, specifically regarding patient care and tailored interventions.

Elaborating on the clinical implications, Dr. Dutcus will shed light on the extended duration of response (DOR) observed with the lenvatinib and pembrolizumab combination and its significance for patients with ccRCC. She will delve into the potential benefits and impact on patient outcomes stemming from an extended DOR.

Moreover, the conversation will encompass a comparative analysis of the safety and efficacy of this combination against other treatment options. Dr. Dutcus will provide insights into how this data might influence the choice of first-line treatment for patients with advanced ccRCC, touching on the implications for clinical decision-making.

Concluding the discussion, the focus will shift to the future of the Phase 3 CLEAR study. Dr. Dutcus will shed light on the upcoming steps, potential further investigations, and the trajectory of the study.

Dr. Corina Dutcus, a medical doctor and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development at Eisai, will provide comprehensive insights and analysis in response to these critical questions, shedding light on the advancements and implications for the management of advanced ccRCC.