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Hossein Taghizadeh, MD-PhD from the Medical University of Vienna; University Hospital of St. Poelten speaks about MAP 2021 Abstract - 20P - Tissue agnostic application of mTOR inhibitors for the management of therapy refractory solid tumors.

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Based on the particular molecular profiles of extensively pretreated cancer patients following failure of all traditional treatments, we investigated the efficacy, feasibility, and limitations of using mTOR inhibitors.


We looked at the genetic characteristics of 70 cancer patients in this single-center, real-world retrospective analysis of our precision medicine platform. Next-generation sequencing panels of mutation hotspots, MSI testing, and immunohistochemistry were used to examine tumor tissues from the patients. After a consensus discussion, a multidisciplinary panel analyzed all of the profiles to make a tailored therapy suggestion.


Seventy cancer patients with p-mTOR pathway activity were given mTOR inhibitor-based targeted therapy, and 17 (24 percent) of them subsequently received it. Four patients (6%) had their disease stabilized. The disease progressed in the remaining 13 cases (19%). Treatment failure occurred after a median of 3.2 months. We found 133 mutations in 60 cases in total. TP53, PTEN, KRAS, ATR, and POLE were the five most common mutations, accounting for almost 40% (46%) of all alterations.


In therapy-refractory solid tumors, the antitumoral activity of mTOR inhibitor was limited.