EGFR Mutation Progression: Second-Line Lung Cancer Treatments

By. Crispin Hiley, PhD

Date. 11/17/2023

Crispin Hiley, PhD, from the UCL Cancer Institute in London, UK, discusses developments in second-line treatment for EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer patients at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2023 Congress in Madrid, Spain. Crispin Hiley, PhD, acknowledges progress in addressing the needs of patients who have progressed on osimertinib or third-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs).

In an interview, Crispin Hiley, PhD, talks about studies on second-line EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer and the challenges faced by patients advancing on tyrosine kinase inhibitors. He acknowledges the existing unmet need, especially for those not suitable for metastasis-directed therapy, and mentions the strides made in developing a second-line systemic combination.

Crispin Hiley, PhD, reflects on the common scenario in clinics where patients with EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer progress on existing treatments like osimertinib. While metastasis-directed therapy, such as stereotactic radiotherapy, has proven beneficial for some, he notes that there remain patients whose progression doesn't respond to such approaches. The development of an effective second-line systemic combination is seen as a significant advance, particularly for patients progressing on standard or emerging therapies in the first line. Crispin Hiley, PhD, emphasizes the importance of this breakthrough in the treatment of EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer.

EGFR Mutation Progression: Second-Line Lung Cancer Treatments

EGFR mutation progression in lung cancer discussed by Crispin Hiley, PhD. Insights on second-line treatments at ESMO 2023 address unmet needs for patients who progressed on osimertinib or third-gen TKIs