Gynecological cancers at ESMO 2023 - Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD

By. Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD

Date. 11/16/2023

At ESMO this year, Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD, a figure in gynecologic oncology, shared insights on developments in the field. The focus began with cervical cancer, where three phase three randomized trials showed results. The Interlace trial, conducted in the neoadjuvant setting for locally advanced cervical cancer, demonstrated outcomes in both progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Another trial, exploring Cho radiation with or without pisab concomitant and maintenance in locally advanced cervical cancer, showed an increase in PFS, with a trend in OS, though data maturity is awaited. The third trial, targeting second-line cervical cancer patients who had progressed on PRI Platinum pxel plus minus B therapy, demonstrated differences in both PFS and OS with toota vtin.

Turning to endometrial cancer, Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD, discussed the results of the Duo trial, investigating the addition of immune checkpoint inhibitors to chemotherapy in stage 3, 4, and first relapse patients. The trial, randomizing patients to receive chemotherapy plus or minus a parp inhibitor, yielded outcomes. Further analysis is needed to discern patient benefits in the UMC with parp inhibitors, but the overall intention-to-treat population showed results. Additionally, the results of the Tal trial (enot and7) in the same population with chemotherapy plus or minus at isisa demonstrated positivity in both primary endpoints, progression-free survival in dmmr population, and overall progression of survival in the intention-to-treat population. However, the benefit was not observed in the subgroup of mmrp.

Unfortunately, in ovarian cancer, a negative trial of immune checkpoint inhibitors emerged, indicating a trend in the data that such inhibitors may not be effective in this type of cancer. Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD, acknowledged the need to await the maturity of other trials to determine if checkpoint inhibitors have any role in treating ovarian cancer. In conclusion, Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD, highlighted the strides made in cervical and endometrial cancers, emphasizing the impact of recent trials on patient care in these areas.

Gynecological cancers at ESMO 2023 - Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD

Mansoor Raza Mizra, MD, presented gynecologic oncology updates at ESMO. Positive outcomes in cervical cancer trials, including Interlace, and results in endometrial cancer trials like Duo and Tal were highlighted. However, a negative trend in ovarian cancer checkpoint inhibitor trials was noted.